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We do everything from drain cleaning and relining to structural rehabilitation.

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Waste Management

AQS Environmental Solutions take great pride in the team of experienced and dedicated technicians we have assembled. Our technicians are equipped with the latest equipment in the industry, allowing them to create and execute effective environmental waste solutions that meet any and all of your waste management needs.

Some of the waste management services we offer our clients include:

  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Septic Tank Emptying
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Food Waste Depackaging
  • Sludge Dewatering and Recycling
  • Sludge Haulage
  • De-silting and Cleaning
  • Bulk Waste Removal
  • Liquid Waste Removal 

The Largest Fleet Around

AQS Environmental Solutions spare no expense to ensure that our services are quick, reliable, and efficient. To meet the waste management demands of our clients, we have built the largest fleet in Ireland. This allows us to offer clients the widest coverage, as well as the ability to respond at a moment’s notice in the case of emergencies. Whether you need to have your food waste depackaged ASAP or simply want to take advantage of prompt sewer drain cleaning services, know that you are always in good hands with AQS Environmental Solutions.

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Our Composting Facility

As one of the most trusted septic tank cleaning companies in Ireland, the nature of our services routinely results in the generation of waste materials. On the back of these, we have developed our own EPA licensed organic waste composting facility, Acorn Recycling, to which we deliver organic sludge generated as a result of our contracting activities.

Our composting facility is situated in Littleton, Co. Tipperary, just off the M8 motorway (Horse & Jockey exit) so we are less than 1.5 hours from Cork, Dublin, Waterford and Limerick. This helps facilitate quick and safe transportation of your waste to our composting facility.

It is a fully enclosed tunnel composting facility with a forced aeration and bio-filtration system. This facility is EPA licensed (WO249-01) to treat 45,000 tonnes per annum of biodegradable waste. The premises is also a category 3 type facility with Department of Agriculture approval which enables the acceptance of commercial and domestic brown bin waste. A full list of suitable waste types is available for review on our EPA license.

We produce high grade compost and offer a product that can be used as a soil conditioner in commercial agriculture, landscaping, as organic fertiliser or as a custom growing media.

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For any questions you may have regarding our waste management services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. You may reach us by calling 1800 500 020, or by filling out the form on our Contact page. AQS Environmental Solutions is proud to serve communities throughout Tipperary, Cork, and Dublin.


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